Ushers and Greeters

Before Mass:

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass.
  • When it’s dark outside, make sure the outside lights are on. 
  • Dress should be neat, modest and appropriate, signifying the honor of the ministry you perform and expressing the dignity of our celebration.
  • As people gather, be particularly sensitive to the needs of the elderly, the disabled or of parents with small children.   Also be especially aware of people who appear to be newcomers.  Greet everyone warmly.
  • Invite people to be GIFT BEARERS for Mass.  Particularly invite family members of whoever is the Mass intention.  Instruct them to come to the back of the center aisle as soon as the collection starts and be ready to bring the gifts to the altar when the collection is finished.  As much as possible, choose different families and individuals from week to week.
  • Please stay in the back of church for a few minutes after Mass begins to assist latecomers in finding seats.  Treat those who arrive late with respect and maintain a sense of hospitality.

During Mass:

  • At highly attended Masses, please help people locate seats in pews that aren’t completely full.  Politely ask those in the pew to make room for others wishing to participate in Mass.
  • COLLECTION – Immediately after the Prayers of the Faithful, take up the collection.  Ushers come to the front of the church, pause and make a simple BOW to the altar, then proceed to pass the baskets.  Place the collection basket adjacent to the children’s collection basket at the foot of the altar.
  • DURING COMMUNION – Help guide the people and keep things moving smoothly.  If someone needs communion brought to them, please quietly alert the priest or a communion minister as you receive communion at the end of the line and take the priest to them.
  • AS PEOPLE DEPART – Distribute bulletins and any special materials or hand-outs.(i.e. seasonal booklets)

After Mass:

  • Checks pews for any debris or forgotten personal items.  Return missalettes & booklets to the racks and make sure the church is in good condition for the next Mass.
  • After all Masses, turn off the lights and sound system. 

Please remember you are responsible to get a substitute when you cannot be at the Mass for which you are scheduled.