We Are All Called to be Shepherds

All of us are sheep in His flock. At the same time, we are all called to be shepherds. In the Book of Peter 5:2, we are challenged to shepherd the flock amongst one another, not for what we will get out of it but to serve Him and be the voice for the flock.

We are in need of several shepherds in our parish.  Our Parish Council has (6) members.  Three of them have served two terms and are now in their final year.  All have been officers and have served the parish well for multiple years.  The Council needs a minimum of three new members. We would like to have the new members in place as soon as possible to prepare for a smooth transition. Any parishioner is welcome to run for the Parish Council.

This same calling is made for our DRE.  Julie Abbott has served so graciously for many years in this role and is preparing to have new leadership going forward.  Again, Our Lord is calling upon you to be a shepherd and lead His flock.