Dinner Bells

“Dinner Bells” is a fellowship tool to bring participants together for simple meals with the opportunity to become better acquainted.  We encourage singles as well as couples to participate.

Hosts/hostesses are encouraged to keep meals simple.  A bowl of soup or a pizza eaten sitting around a table is suitable as well as a full meal.  Each group is responsible for setting their own guidelines and times together.

Sign-ups for those who want to participate are held during one month; the organizer of the system then places those names into groups.  We try to keep the group size to 6 or 7 people for ease of entertaining.  We then give each person a listing of the members of the group, their address and telephone number.  “Those listed first are captains and are responsible for arranging the first meeting of their group.

Dinner Bells will run from March–May, July-September, November-January, with February, June, and October as sign-up/make-up months.  If you have any questions, please contact the parish office or Brent Kincaid at (309) 507-1376.

Some groups have difficulty getting together during the three-month period, so the fourth month (the sign-up month) is a good “make-up” month.  Or if you do have to schedule more than 6 or 7 in a group it gives that extra time needed to entertain.

We encourage entertaining in homes, but it has worked in the past for the group to decide to eat out and go to the host’s home for dessert.  We have also had those who live in a small space and cannot entertain to hold their meeting at church.